Effects of Gardens in Homes

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Plan on building a home or renting an apartment? Awesome!
Be it built, rental or bought, adding a touch of greenery amidst all the walls
and plastering can be very appealing to the eye. Creating spaces for a
beautiful garden not only serve an aesthetic purpose, it also has its own effect
in homes such as;

Impact on the Environment
Plants absorbs greenhouse gases through photosynthesis. They reduce the
glare from buildings and absorb unwanted noises, it also helps in conserving
energy and can serve as a habitat for different life forms as it attracts birds and insects (such as butterflies) which are always an added pleasant sight in
a garden.

Outdoor Time
A garden gets the kids outside, allowing them enjoy and experience natural
energy which contributes to better growth and wellness. With the advent of
technology, kids are prone to spending a great deal of time indoors with their
games, iPad, e.tc which can over time affect their mental health negatively.

Health Benefits
According to the researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, people who
garden are more likely to get the required 7 hours of sleep. Physical activity
reduces stress. It was also noted that being outdoor contributes to more and
better sleep, which improves behavior and performance.
Studies shows that physical exertion of working in a garden, may help offset
both age related weight gain and children obesity. Gardening can help protect
one’s memory as one grow older. It also serves as a mood booster, a calmer
after a stressful day/event.

Family Bonding

Gardening offers physical activity with a purpose shared by everyone. It also
helps teach children responsibility, and gives a sense of accomplishment as it
gives a project to work on and enjoy family time together, which reinforces
family bonding.

Gardens, regardless of which look you are going with for your home or space,
it is always a good idea as it adds to its beauty and general outlook.

Gardens invites you to go outside, to beautiful surroundings and healthy food.
Any home will look complete, beautiful and more with nature with the addition
of a well-nurtured garden.

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