Aston Tower

Location: Bourdillon, Ikoyi, Lagos state.

Project Sector: Residential

Project Information

Provided Services

Architectural design.

Project Description

This is a 25-floor complex built on a 3500m² land. The development includes a mix of 40 units of luxury apartments, residential villas, and commercial elements, all with access to an extensive infrastructure and recreational facilities. The apartments consist of three and four bedrooms; 16 units respectively, while the villas consist of four and five bedrooms with 4 units respectively.

The development features amenities such as a swimming pool, a cinema, a lounge, a crèche, and a gym.

Additionally, the development has ample parking, with 40% of the spots located underground. Each apartment and villa has 2 boys’ quarters (one in the case of the 3-bedroom apartment). The design incorporates long and large balconies, bringing the outdoors closer inside, with the long windows adding a sense of grandeur to the development.

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