About Cemex

Strategy-led design in every detail

We are a full service Construction firm that deals in Project Management, Architectural, Civil and Design works based in Lagos, Nigeria. We have an outstanding Portfolio of commercial and private projects. We offer our clients the best Real Estate development services possible, giving professional advice on investment opportunities for residential and commercial luxury properties. We excel as an innovative, creative and people oriented organization providing individual opportunity, personal satisfaction and rewarding challenges to all members of the firm, hence, reassuring your confidence in us as your leading project development firm.

Our Services

At Cemex Portals, We’re redefining premium living in Africa. Founded in 2010,we specializes in Architecture,  Design, Construction, Structural engineering, Interior decoration and Bespoke furniture, from concept through construction, we turn spaces into extraordinary edifices. Our Services will conceptualize your dreams and more, we help design and create the experience by making luxury a lifestyle for you.

Architectural Design
Interior Design
Bespoke Furniture

Our People

Seye Adenusi
Jegede omotayo
Apantaku Temitayo
Finishing engineer